First impressions: A little depressed but more excited (Notion user)

I receive the invitation code several days ago. Due to busy work, I just register today. I will share some thoughts here.

I’m a faithful Notion user and I have a project named Notion-faster to help people in China mainland. As Notion becomes more popular, there are many alternatives but none works very well. Many looks like Notion on UI, but are not as smooth as Notion, either anytype.

But it doesn’t matter too much, it’s still in alpha.

After using it simply, I’m interested in how it works. However, there is no technical doc and I have to search in the forum.

I saw these topics:

As anytype use ipfs and cryptography to share data and keep secure, I can’t be excited more. I’m also a web3 engineer and love decentration. I am looking forward to seeing how anytype team achieves it. Due to this, I apply for the code and resources contribution and hope I could help a little.

Final, an important question:

How does anytype team make money? Do you get financing or will launch a paid plan to provide some service?

Please see the FAQ here:

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Thank you, I will read the doc in detail. I didn’t find the document link before. Maybe it would be better if the doc link is on the official website homepage.


We are currently funded by 54 diverse and carefully selected investors, without conflict of the Anytype vision and they have no ability to influence our mission. Anytype will always be free even when we are officially released, we’ll monetise via our premium service which will offer additional features, such as encrypted back ups on our cafe node. At the moment this is free for our Alpha testers, and will continue to be free for you guys for a long time after our official release.