First impression

First a short background:
In my work I use company provided MS tools (Office356, Outlook, OneNote, MS Tasks, Teams and Planner) with mixed feelings.
In my private life I use Google Docs, Keep and Google Tasks, Gmail and another e-mail service.
I use devices with Windows, Linux and Android.

I’m looking for a solution to put some order in the mess of information scattered around in files, notes, bullet lists, tasks.
I’ll for sure keep using Google calendar and “some” Google docs.
But I’m searching for some tool to handle in a single place: short documents, notes and tasks.
I’ve experimented recently with multiple task/note taking solutions and I like tools like ClickUp and Coda (I’m not much a Notion fan).

My impressions about anytype so far

I see big pros in:

  • how the security and information management is implemented, I like to be in control of my data
  • the quality of the product for the alpha stage
  • I like the open object model and the concepts it is based on (objects, relations, sets, views)

OK sides:

  • I can use the workflows you demoed and they are fine and work as expected
  • the open object model could be hard for some users

Not totally convinced:

  • without folders and folder nesting we can group information “only” in sets and views over sets based on filters: this is fine, but limited and my concern is that it might not be enough even for moderately large data sets. I’m trying to work with tags and “status-like” columns, still I’m struggling to figure out how to organize my data. (A side note: the name “status” for the relation type seems a synecdoche, a more general name should be used, a value you select from a list is not necessarily a status)
  • type conversion seems necessary but extremely double-edged
  • I think I do not understand how tags a and status-like values should be deleted

A plus would be:

  • support for formulas
  • integration with google calendar
  • the option to use alternative icon-sets
  • a way to get inbound e-mails as new notes

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