First Impression: Potential is obvious

The onboarding was very helpful. I’ve also heavily used tools like Fibery, Coda, Notion, i.e. others that blur the database boundaries. If anything the solution so far reminds me more of Fibery than anything else; that is a tool that makes it similarly easy to create all sorts of relationships between things. Where it’s very different is in UI and intended user, where anytype looks more like Notion but I can see how things like treating relationships as objects could make this way more interesting.

I was kind of disappointed when I figured out that Sets are really just a table that you can filter. The name had me thinking that there would be more configurable logic, or have more dynamic filtering. Obviously, it’s critical to have the Sets view; it’s more just a disconnect I had between what I thought it’d do from the name and what it, at least currently, does.

I can’t wait to see backlinking. References and linking have been mission critical for me for a while.

The graph view seems like it has a lot of potential but it’s not useful without the ability to filter things out of the view. I love how it pulls custom relationship names into the graph though, that – with filtering and stuff – will maybe make this a super useful graph view (unlike Obsidian’s for example, which is extremely beautiful but not super useful).

Are there any plans for a formula system, a la Coda?

Creating a new object is a bit wonky for me; sometimes when I input a name and then select a type, the app creates a new object of that type but fails to carry the name over. Seems intermittent and maybe dependent on layout.

My favorite thing by far so far is the ability to create relation objects, and the object type filtering within. My only quibble there is that it took me a little bit to really figure out what a relation object is – I think of a “relation” as being “parent” or “child” or “lookup” or similar – and then the inability to delete relation objects is very painful. I accidentally created a couple duplicates. Eh, not “very painful”, just annoying.

Anyway, great stuff so far!


Thanks very much for your detailed feedback, these kind of insights are crucial to the development of Anytype! Are you still enjoying it?