First impression: Playing around after a week

Looks amazing, but I didn’t realize how much I relied on the sharing function of Notion so much. I’ve been using Notion to:
a. send proposals
b. create my clients’ wikis and workspaces
c. brainstorming dump with partners
d. share my recommendations with friends
e. even blog straight from Notion

And because of that, I have been holding out on moving entirely to Anytype. But I can definitely see the potential of working with Anytype. Looking forward to exploring more of its functions and how we can live together.

Oh, and the mobile app isn’t as intuitive to use as the desktop app. I found myself struggling to create things with the mobile app. It took a full day and a half for the templates to show up.

Also, having trouble syncing some of the basic notes I created on the desktop app.

By the way, I know that Anytype emphasized it’s “offline-first” feature. Is there a limit to how much I can upload/store with Anytype? (Did I understand this right?)

Can I use Anytype as a sort of digital cabinet, where I store some copies of things like leases, tax forms, etc?


The only limit to the volume of your offline data is the storage capacity of your devices.

However, regarding your data stored on Anytype’s servers (the backup node), you should know that Alpha testers have the chance to take advantage of this storage for free to allow testing and improving the network, but eventually you will be able to take advantage of it via a subscription.

The synchronization of your data between each of your devices will always be free and in this case I imagine that your device with the smallest amount of free space will be your only shareable storage limit between all your instances.

As long as they are only copies, why not, but you have to remember that Anytype is only at the beginning, and for obvious security reasons, nobody should rely on an app that is in early development.