First impression - great potential, still some annoying bugs

Using AnyType for a few days now shows tremendous potential. Looks like the backbone is there, but there are a fair amount of bugs and little annoyances here and there that can make you waste time and loose focus.

Few examples: the iOS app is pretty broken (just refreshing the screen it displays different tiles), trying to create tasks from different views (having some filters) will edit the last task in the view, but switching to all tasks will show all the new tasks - which are really annoying to remove since you can’t multi-select them.

I believe I have to use it some more to build trust.

BTW, are there any ways to contribute to the project?


With recent iOS releases, I hope you can test these things again and let us know if any of this is improved!

You can sign up on the website to be notified of when Anytype is opened to developers. First it will be via a local API, then later open source for the application itself. Or you can sign-up as a contributor directly here: