First Impression: great concept!

Hello :slight_smile: This is a great concept!
Getting started with Anytype was quick. I have installed it on Windows, Linux, Android and iOS (iPad Pro). The introductory videos and in-depth tutorials are helpful.
I created some objects and different sets. Unfortunately, to date I can only select 10 of the object types as the source for the sets. Only 12 types are available in the object type overview. All of the previous 26 object types are only available when creating objects with the plus sign or inline.
The synchronization on Windows and Android is good. It is very slow on Linux and iOS.

So much for the beginning

Did you say that in that window you did not have all the Object Type available?

With which OS?

Yes, but not everywhere. Not with the Plus and not inline. I’m attaching a few screenshots.
My operating system is Windows 10, 21H1, Build 19043.1526

All object types were available immediately after installation. Not anymore the next day.
Maybe I should reinstall Anytype?

best regards

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Whoa, ok…

So, first things first, is that only happening on your Windows version?

If you want to help solve this bug, ideally you should keep your current version, because although a reinstallation could I think reset everything, we would lose the benefit of knowing if a future bug fix will have been successful if you do not keep this bug “alive”.

You should create a bug report about this so that the devs can be aware of it, that will help the community to find it too, don’t hesitate to give the maximum of details, you can reintegrate your screenshots and specify on which platform it happens, etc.

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Sounds like a bug, but just to make sure, does searching for a type that is not displayed in the list displays it or the type is not found even then?

@sambouwer I wonder if this was ever posted as a bug report and/or if it was solved?

Not that I know, but this one looks similar: