First Impression & General Feedback

am a notion user; general usage and keyboard shortcuts are pretty easy to get on with; still trying to navigate myself in Sets, Objects, and Relations

tried importing from Notion, didn’t work as I wanted - media files are not displayed and formatting is very weird

also encountered a problem in creating a set:
it was originally a set for object ‘daily plan’, I later decided to switch it to ‘habit track’; after doing so and earlier today it somehow switched itself back ‘daily plan’ and I have to manually change the object type back to habit track

don’t know if anyone else had the same problem before?

will keep updating and really want to make use of the 3 building blocks!


It seems so. Indicate in comment of this bug report what is your OS and your anytype version number, and don’t forget to vote (:heartpulse:) for this topic to indicate that it should be taken into account :wink:


That should be fixed in the new Desktop version. Please update :slight_smile:

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