First impression, feedback, and expression of gratitude for the vision!

First of all, after digging through the community, catching up with the last town hall, and having the opportunity to use the alpha version of the app, I want to say that I am extremely excited for the future! The vision, as I understand it, is one I have spent much time thinking about, a decentralized and censor-resistant way to record, track, and collaborate on the information in one’s life and mind. There are many apps attempting to offer similar functionality, even including offline, but none quite like Anytype as far as I can tell. I think this application is offering the world a much needed service, and the effects of a successful transition into the beta stage and releasing the API can not be understated. Thank you for your hard work! I will be here with you going forward as long as the core principles that have been reiterated strongly so far are upheld.

As far as recommendations for features, most of what I have run into so far seem to be on the docket for the future already. Two-way relations, collaboration and shared spaces, integrations and automations with other applications, and a solution to the multi-type objects problem. Personally, I would love to see formulas implemented ASAP as well as other tools that would be needed to handle simple accounting and recurring scheduling needs.

I have some lofty ideas on collaboration I hope get some consideration down the road, like decentralized hosting similar to Mastodon, where one person or a group of people can serve as admins over their own server, maybe charge for storage themselves from their members, and an ability to publicly broadcast the contents of their server across the network for all members of Anytype to read and access. Besides using Anytype as a personal brain and life organizer, I envision the community growing into something akin to a wiki that everyone can access and comment on, and each individual user is given the responsibility themselves to filter and discern which sources are reliable and trustworthy. Also, citing sources within the network ought to be seamless when you can link to the objects that contain these sources directly, so less trust is needed than is today on the clearnet. Overall, what I hope collaboration grows into is a collection of spaces that offer communities a place to bring information together that otherwise is scattered across many inefficient systems across the internet. There has been much controversy over the topic of inscriptions on the Bitcoin network, I have often considered this as a way to store account information or other immutable data, as blockchain technology has been mentioned as a governance tool I just wanted to briefly mention this as well.

I do have a request if anyone is able to help, and it may be that I just haven’t navigated the community properly yet, but is there somewhere to find examples of use-cases and different variations of setups that the community has used to setup their personal spaces? I was both inspired and impressed by the IMDB clone that was shared by the Anytype Twitter account recently.

Thank you again for creating this application, I am eager to get my sea legs and begin migrating the information in my life into this system. Please accept my sincere expression of gratitude for the vision and implementation of this idea!


For use cases, check out the Showcase category. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here are some use cases from the official documentation website.


Oh boy, thank you both so much! I didn’t know either of these resources were available.


If you ever need more help, there’s an question mark button in the bottom right, and in there you will find a link to the help & documentation website.