First impression - coming from Typora

Hi there,
this is a post where I write about my first impression with Anytype. So far, I’ve been using Typora and did not like Notion, because of its dependence on Amazon Servers.

When opening Anytype the first time, there are some pages with explanations. These are great, but after looking through them it would be nice if I could delete them with one click.

After I deleted them one after each other, I noticed a different problem. The only way to see all your pages is by looking at the graph view. This is not bad, but after adding more and more pages, orphan-nodes are really hard to locate. As I always used a directory-based file system to organize my notes (Typora is just a markdown editor - nothing else) I found it hard to locate my notes as there is no “All notes”-view or something in this direction.

The History is a nice feature, but it also shows recently viewed types, templates and so on. This can be really confusing

For example in this picture, you can get easily confused as all these other pages show up, because I clicked through them while creating the “Weekly Plan”-page:


Another thing I noticed is that the graph-view sometimes looks different, depending on from which page you came. This is maybe due to the highlighting of the current page.

The peer-to-peer syncing is awesome.

Thats all I had to say, so far


Hi @sebi , thanks for sharing your thoughts!

You are right, and this is a common concern/question. There are some “General Feedback topics”, but the discussion in this feature request seems to capture it best:

There is a link in that topic to a request for a folder tree/directory-like navigation (which is partially implemented with the sidebar).

I agree, and I think the tab/section used to be called “Recents” but got rebranded to “History” to reflect recently accessed Objects. If it indeed was called “Recents” before I’m not sure if that is a change for the better. Apps like MS Word also refer to Recents for recently accessed files. I’m not sure if you’d prefer to have a distinction made between recently accessed vs recently edited Objects?