First impression (as an heavy Evernote & Notion user)

Hi guys,


I was a heavy user of Evernote, used for both profesionnal and personal activity.
About Evernote, I liked

  • the offline mode
  • the ctrl-shift-X feature : encryption of of string inside a note (password protected)

I disliked (and that made me quit my 50€ subscription) :

  • It is no more possible the backup all my datas in one action
  • in the last version, they removed the colors of pages in the treeview (that was helping me to classify pages)

I moved my 1000+ notes to Notion : without a good working migration tool that was … awfull, but an occasion to create a new structure.
About Notion ; i like :

  • The working space ! I have 2 workspaces : one “Personnal” and one “Profesionnal”. A major feature to completely separates notes.
  • How easy it is the create subpages
  • The relation between pages with @ and the display of backlink on the header of pages
  • The complete HTML backup of all my workspace in one zip (even if some link are broken my i used special caracters in the title)

What is dislike in Notion :

  • no offline mode … of course
  • no string encryption
  • no pincode to protect the mobile app

First impression of AnyType

  • I like the concept of local datas synced thru p2p !
  • PC Installation : easy and everything is well explained
  • Mobile installation : easy. the link to your account with the datamatrix if well explained
  • Notes creation :
    • easy. no problem for a Notion user
    • the drag and drop of block between 2 other blocks is not so easy
    • when i take a screenshot and paste it to Anytype, the image is shown as link. I found that i can convert the appearance as “embed”. Should be by default embed for images. But not for a PDF.
    • there should be a visual difference between a subpage (created with /page) and a link (@) to an other page
  • Mobile app usage :
  • if i display the content of a page, the synchronization between PC and mobile is damn fast
  • but if i create a new page on PC, I have to quit the mobile app and lauch it again to see the new page (no sync button founnd, and no veritcal swipe)
  • the open in graph feature : in the zoom presentation Enda spent a lot of time with that feature (way too much if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue: ) and honestly i dunno what to think about it. when you will have more than 1000 pages, how will you be able to use this cloud ? Maybe could be a local graph related to the current pages and the subpages and pages with a direct backlink on it ?
  • import from Notion : I only tried to import one page from notion (containing some formatted text and images) : everything was well imported ! As i said if you want to capture heavy Notion users, that import feature is fondamental !

Gratz to the team and keep going :slight_smile: