First impression as a student

Hi there!

I am writing here in response to an email from Vova which suggested me giving my first thoughts about Anytype. My experience with the app feels gorgeous so far; it looks insanely good, is very powerful and well thought. So first of all, big congrats to Anytype team!

However, I noticed two main issues. I don’t know if it’s the right place to mention them, but anyway let’s dive in.
The first thing is about LaTeX equations; I guess this remains an experimental feature, but I could not insert inline equations, only centered ones that correspond to the “$$ Equation $$” markdown expression. This is what I miss the most as a student in maths and computer science, basically my entire work is based on equations, so I can’t switch to Anytype for now.
The second thing is about the UI, I feel like there’s a huge lack of animations that could bring the user to an even better experience, I hope Anytype team plans/will plan to add some cool animations here and there. Also regarding Anytype UI, it would be great to have an automatic theme depending on system dark/light theme. I usually ask Siri toggling dark mode at the end of the day, and all apps turn to their own dark mode, which is nice.
To end up with, I just wanted to talk a bit about “import from Notion” functionality. The first time I tried doing this (yesterday), I ended with an empty “Notion imports” object and was quite disappointed. I tried again today and it worked! but not without causing issues. I was used to put icons (emojis) for each page on Notion, but Anytype replaced them by books emojis (:closed_book:, :blue_book: and :green_book:) which is weird. The other main issues I encountered was about inline equations - but I think there is still a bit of work to do to make it work properly - and about toggle lists that have been converted to bullet lists inside of Anytype (maybe this is due to the Markdown/CSV export that does not support Notion’s “toggle lists”…).

By the way I have also tried syncing my Anytype desktop app (macOS) with my android phone, and wow, this works extremely good. Syncing my work seamlessly across my devices was really a feature I was looking for, and Anytype’s one is really mind-blowing!

That’s it! I hope I did not forgot to say something I experienced this two last days of testing…
I also just wanted to say thank you for this opportunity you gave us: I have never been an alpha tester before and this is an awesome experience! Anytype is just a dream coming true, gathering so much features from all horizons, this is really rich and promising.

Wish you the best


*PS : excuse me if my English is not that good, I’m not a native speaker, unfortunately :,) *


For inline LaTeX you can upvote this existing feature request:

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