First impression(As a heavy onenote and obsidian user)

Hi Everyone:

I’m a heavy onenote and obsidian user and I also used joplin before.I’m looking for a note software which can manage all my notes,documents and private files with good editor and I find anytype maybe a good alternative.

About My first experience with Anytype:

  • Good interactive
  • Hard to migrate from markdown now

Suggestion & feedback

  • Use system setting to decide to use light or dark theme by default
  • Ctrl-p should not change the theme to light temporary
  • Click edit title of a page, sometimes the old title is removed.
  • Allow to remove objects on list view of a set.

What I would wish for:

  • Custom font family, font size, page width and etc.
  • Markdown futures: Table, quote
  • Dashbord to view all my resource as a tree view
    • It seems to generate a lot pages by some action, how can I remove them?
  • Copy from markdown
  • Custom keymap
  • How can I move pages from old object type if I change the object type of a set?
  • Column editing(multiple line editing)

Thanks for making this awesome tool.


Such wonderful feedback! Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts with us. Has Anytype proven to be useful to you in the meantime?

Thanks for this feedback! It seems there is no bug report for this yet. Are you willing to submit a bug report for this?

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Was this feature request submitted eventually?

@owent I’m linking some additional existing topics for you to checkout as they might match your requests:

I think this is happening already :slight_smile:

I can’t find a bug report for this. Please try to reproduce the issue and submit a bug report if this is still present for you.

I’ve never experienced this issue and I cannot find anu existing bug report. Please try to reproduce it and submit a bug report if the issue is still present for you.

If you mean you’d like to delete the Objects listed in the Set, please submit a feature request. There does not seem to be such a request yet, but it makes a lot of sense to me that a Set is the right place to (bulk) delete Objects that match certain filters.

Please checkout this feature request and upvote if it matches your needs:

There are several topics about Markdown specific features so to link a few:

Anytype does not have an explicit Object hierarchy at the moment, but you can use the sidebar to see your Objects in a tree view. A linked page is visible as a child underneath another page.

Do you mean you want to import Markdown files or copy Markdown formatted text into Anytype? I think most Markdown is already supported but there are some bug reports of specific features not working as expected.

I’d love to see it, and we are not alone!

Could you elaborate on what you would like to achieve? It is not completely clear to me.

If I understand correctly, see:

Looking forward to your reply!


I have some problems to download the latest version. The download URL in Anytype is also available for me, I can find a way to find and select a available CND link and can not verify if these problems are still there now.

My personal theory on the CTRL+P (the print shortcut) triggering a temporary conversion to light mode from dark mode is to not waste the user’s ink/toner by printing a dark page. Yeah, the print functionality definitely needs lots of improvement - perhaps the Print/PDF rendering can be done separately from the viewport on a separate process or server, like Obsidian and Notion?

I guess so! I can also imagine you’d want to see a preview before printing, so then a light themed print preview makes sense :slight_smile:

Hi @owent, do you still have trouble downloading and installing the latest version?

Yes, I still have trouble with downloading.Is there any Asia CDN server I can use to download it?The download URL is redirected to for me, and it’s always download failed.

@owent are you on our Telegram channel Telegram: Contact @anytype ? You can message me there (username @tripkovski ) and I can send you the latest version of Anytype directly.