First impression about the website (not good)

I’m not really a fan of the website. I try to explain why and i draw up a mockup on what i would personally change.

Look at the websites:

  • - Logo, name and explanation what it is. Its great. I know instantly what i can expect. The site is 1,41MB and everything is there instantly.
  • Krita | Digital Painting. Creative Freedom. - Smaller Logo in the Navigation-Bar, explanation what it is. I know instantly what i can expect. The site is 1,37MB and everything is there instantly.
  • - Big Logo and Name, description there. I know what i can expect. Website a 1,45MB despite quite some pictures.
  • - Logo in navbar, no name, but i instantly know what to expect. Messaging. Bigger, 2,9MB, but still loading fast.
  • - Logo and name clearly visible in navbar, no instant description, its with reading further down, but its there. Nothing flashy to distract. 14,95MB all loaded (WTF?) but it still loads instantly.
  • - Logo and name clearly visible in navbar, instant description what it does and a little bit how it does. Just 1,76MB and works perfectly.
  • - No logo, name reasonable big in navbar, navbar is not that big, instant description what it wants to be. 3,5MB, but loads really fast
  • - No logo, just a name in navbar, navbar is tiny, a weird moving year 2000 banner on top. Not really info there what it is or does besides “It works like your brain”. 4,36MB and still it loads awfully slow, especially compared to the 15MB notion-behemoth.

So, if i visit the website what i get is:

  • Why is it loading? Is it using flash?
  • What is this moving banner on top? Thats oldscool…
  • Is the colour changing? Thats weird.
  • checking script (tracking) and google tag manager, hmhm.
  • It works like my brain (okay, but what is working like it? What does it do?)
  • It respects my privacy? Google Tag Manager? Why not or
  • Its owned by anyone. (Yeah, sure, might be open source? But whos the team?)
  • Okay, picture, with everything?
  • Oh god, it force-stop the scrolling - leave page
  • It works like my brain (Yeah, read that before, but… okay, stuff is connected?)
  • Objects are connected (what exactly is an object?)
  • Play with object (uhuh?)
  • → ah first info, i see what it can do? Will do? Oh, there is tiny text below the picture.
  • More info! No storage and upload limits. Nice. Server where? How does it finance?
  • Wait, no server? Just local? So this both means no sync between devices? Damn.
  • Its private. I hope so, if its without sync.
  • Ah, Open Source. Maybe?
  • Some quotes.
  • Register (no mention, that you will get no confirmation e-mail, you will just get an invitation to a video-call where you just can listen without your cam on and you can ask stuff afterwards and after THAT you get a Code for account-creation)
  • Infotime! Free and open, nice.
  • Some links.
  • why is privacy policy a pdf and not a site?

I showed the website to friends and and asked what they think about AnyType without giving them more information about it, these are the actual quotes from some:
“What does it do? What is it for? Who is creating this?”
“Its some kind of personal assistant? However, the website is not particularly well designed in the sense of being visually appealing and crisply informative. And I find the font choice (size, type, etc.) so terrible that I have to mention that again :p”
“I don’t quite understand what AnyType is supposed to do. The website, although flashy, has surprisingly little info. Is it supposed to be an online IDE?”

The website is flashy and pretty no-descriptive. I removed all CSS to look at the written content without getting distracted(has someone done this before launching? Serious question). Where is the info its using IPFS? There is so much missing.

Here is a link to the “without-CSS-version”:

And i tried to come up with a mockup that i think has at least a little bit more initial information about anytype:

I don’t want to be rude and i hope it is received as constructive criticism, but i think the website is a big problem for the project and is holding everything back. I think if someone ist just reading on anywhere about the project without much explanation they will leave the website pretty fast. And i hope its understandable what i mean, otherwise feel free to ask :slight_smile:

All the best!


This is harsh but good feedback. I agree that there are a lot of things that need to be better organized when it comes to communication from AnyType. Maybe right now there is stuff with more priority and we’ll get some changes with the public launch.

Thanks for the post!


Good job! Very useful for the team.

I think several people agree with you (there are probably a few posts in this forum about it).

I agree with most of what tou said. Except I enjoy the oldschool ticker on top :joy:

Edit: by the way, I really enjoy it visually. It’s just not good for information and navigation.


Hello, thanks everyone for your feedback and especially @natrius for taking the time to collect opinions and re-imagine how we can improve our landing page :slight_smile:

Looking at the feedback (and combining it with what we’ve seen/read elsewhere), there are two main issues at hand: one is the content of the website and the other is the design. I’ll share with you below where we stand with each aspect - not to defend, but hopefully to give some insight that we’re aware of these issues and are invested in fixing them, but we’re not quite there yet.

Regarding content, we all agree that the content needs to be improved to elucidate what Anytype does/is. A lot of this comes down to the fact that there’s the big vision we’re working toward, and there’s the current artefact, which is an alpha-stage software. Finding the balance between the two and correctly setting expectations while targeting our ideal audience has not been easy, but we’re getting there with some internal work on messaging that we hope can encompass both.

Regarding design, the current aesthetic tends to incite strong reactions - both positive and negative. While beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, when thinking about the next version we agree that the design should feel consistent with our brand and the in-product experience. We’re working on that too :slight_smile:

What to expect next:

There’s a very small update coming in the next couple of weeks which will have more concrete messaging, use cases, and total removal of gtags/cookies.

There’s a larger new website design project underway as well. It won’t be super soon - probably looking at a couple months from here - but your feedback is well noted and we hope that the next version will address several of the issues you raise.


exactly. well personally I love the current design. it strikes a mysterious vibe at first sight that requires the user to explore to find out more but granted I’m a curious person and don’t mind looking around especially when I’m looking for something.

But on the other hand I’ve shown the website to some of my friends and although they were impressed by its design, they were somewhat confused as to what purpose does anytype serve.

Maybe that’s just me but I think at this current stage which is the alpha stage, this version of the website is quite a good fit because in my opinion right now Anytype isn’t trying to actively attract new users and certainly is not advertising itself but rather forging its path, adding features and ironing out the experience. It’s for those enthusiasts that are looking for something different and unique and well, for those target demographic if you ask me, it’s quite suited.

But as it is mentioned, I agree that it will need an overhaul with a more clear message with the brand identity at the middle of it to be a lot more self explanatory to new users if Anytype wants to open its door to everyone and I’m sure it has crossed your mind and is part of your vision.