First Impression: A few suggestions

My kneejerk reaction to this is that it’s awesome! The designs are incredible, the graph mode is incredibly unique and mindboggling, and apart from the few suggestions, it’s really fleshed out. Now, the suggestions part, I really want the graph mode to be a bit more intuitive. For instance, if you drag a node onto another, a relation is made and automatically adds a link to the node, if you double click a parent node, all the children are minimized and are hidden from view, and finally, ctrl+f can be activated in the graph mode, but it doesn’t do anything, so if that had functionality added, it would be awesome. All in all, it’s an amazing software and I can’t wait to see how it grows! Good job devs and everyone working on this project!


Oooh, so you want to be able to edit stuff within the graph! This feature does sound kinda cool! Although I tend not to like graphs/idea-map-type-things in general, I could see how this could be a cool feature for other people who do like them.


I really appreciate these possibilities, I hope you will take the time to create Feature requests for each of them!