First few hours…

First I’ll say how pleased I am to join in, here, and hopefully help out somehow down the line. My first impressions probably reveal my own ignorance as a layperson, but — hey, almost all users will be laypeople. And hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

Immediate thoughts:

  • It’s beautiful to look at. It’s spare without feeling like a digital cinder block, which isn’t easy. It’s so well done.

  • Sync isn’t working. There’s not a particular bug I can point to, beyond objects I create on the desktop app simply not showing up on mobile, and vice versa. When I saw this I realized, “Oh no, this really isn’t a place for my information, yet.”

  • It seems like — and maybe this is my own stupidity showing — it seems like it would be terrifyingly easy to lose an object. I created a page, at one point, and realized that if it didn’t show up as “recent,” it would just be… gone, unless I remembered to search for it specifically. No? Is there an “all objects” view, or something similar?

As I said, these are the impressions of a few-hours-old user. Hopefully everything will make itself clear as I go.


Sync stil has problems sadly. For some it works great, for others, not so much. Sync will also be optional (payed) feature in the future.

When it comes to loosing objects you are right, it is easy to loose them. There are ways to create an All Objects Set, for example create a set with a relation every object has (description, creation date, etc).

You can also use the search, but then you have to remember all your objects name/content.

Another way is to make maps of content (MoC). These are main pages where you link to other objects which is something I used a lot in ObsidianMD and is something I recommend making. Makes you more aware of your own notes in my opinion but this is a manual process.

Another way is to have each and every object in a set, but this can be a bit complicated or cumbersome to use.

Last thing, I know they are working on easier navigation of objects at this moment. This is an often heared complain so “soon” it will become easier to find and manage your objects.


Hey @TomFoolery thanks for your feedback.

  • Our biggest priority on the dev side right now is to improve quality of sync. We are aware of this problems and working on it right now. The data may be not synced between nodes properly for someone but no data will be missing or corrupted this is ensured by design.
  • About losing the object. We will bundle the set of everything for each new user. And for current users it is possible to create set by relation creation date and see all your objects.

Thanks very much — I’m eager to see where things go.

Anytype will be great.


There is also the graph view. You might have to zoom out a bit, but objects without relations should be floating together.

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