Firebase Tester limit reached – can't download Anytype

Just got into the alpha and immediately went ahead to download the Android app, but Firebase says this app’s tester limit has been reached.

New Firebase Tester’s group link :grinning:

Thought about setting up a custom f-droid repository? It has to be added manually to F-Droid, but it could serve as alpha/beta-channel and is a nice way to prepare later for the official release. Just as a thought.


Typically how long does it take to receive the email to download the Android app after signing up with that link?

@brnlee I’m not sure but you can find the APK file in the Android Testers Group in Telegra. You can find the link to the group in the email you’ve received your invite code for the app

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Now it accepts more testers, I just signed up, waiting for my e-mail.