Finding your notes quickly with Tags & Categories

Hello Guys !

I use Anytype for my PKM / using PARA (@TiagoForte).
At first, I was VERY frustrated with tags in Anytype… “it is so useless” I thought… until I understand you can do sets on relations… Now, I feel a bit better. Well I still would like to have an interface to manage tags better (like to decide to display tags by alphabetical order or grouped by colour…).

Anyway, I created a very useful tool !
A Set of Tags… to which I added the category relation.
This tool is as important to me than the graph view (if not more) !

  • Tags > to define a category
    (i.e. change, portfolio management, psychology, Leadership…)
  • Category > to clarify what kind of resource it is
    • pro or perso
    • inspiration
    • references
    • pdf
    • videos…

Then I create filters on the view with Tags & Relations :

I can find all references about Change Management… notes, bookmarks, reading notes from books or articles

Whereas here, I am still looking at Change Management, but only the studies I found on the internet or saved reading notes about :

I have this Set as a Page directly accessible from the Side Menu !
And I created a few views with predefined filters for the content I am looking for the most…

After a while of tagging & “categorying”, I start to really be able to easily find the content that I want AND / OR the content that I have but forget I had.

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