Filter revamp of Views in sets

An option to also add a group of filters to a view “OR” a group of filters to the same view in a set, right now it’s just filter A “AND” filter B, so if the name of object A is “July 4” and name of object B is “June 5” and i want both of them in the same view, I can’t because there is no “OR” operation, only “AND” operation exists, so for “June 5” if the situation B is unmatched like add “July” containing name in object and situation A is matched like add “June” containing name in object, only Object B would be added to the view and not Object A coz it doesn’t contain the word “June”

Hi @Ishaan, thanks for sharing your idea! Could you check whether this topic covers what you’d like see?

oh yes the same request!

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