Filter-Panel Block

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
No Clarity in Sets with many Entries.
As i dont want to have multiple embedded Sets in toggles, just to have a quicker access to Entries. And also i dont want to scroll down a thousend times just for clicking on an entry and having to do it again when i would click ‘back’.
Like with a Set for “Media” e.g. where I would tag the elements for the ‘medium’ (books, articles, video, audios, …)(coloumn 1) and also for ‘type’ (story, song, album, movie, series, …)(coloumn 2) and then ‘Field’ (Technical, Food, …)(coloumn 3)

Describe the solution you’d like
I like to have only one page with a Set where i know i can have quick access to my elements inside, even if there are thousands of elements in that Set.
A Block that serves as a Filter-Panel where i can filter ‘live’ for multiple coloumns simultaneous.

1.) I can type “/” for the command-menü and select ‘Filter-Panel’. This Filter-Panel is a block then. 2.) I can connect that Filter-Panel to a Set then. 3.) In that Filter Panel i can click on a button to open the menü of that Filter-Panel, where I can select the coloums i wanne see in the Filter-Panel.
→ In that Filter-Panel there will then be boxes to select out of or to write into.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
a.) Embedding a Set into a toggle in a page, and repeating that with more toggles, and filtering the embeds ins the toggle. ← if the original Set changes, all toggles have to be reconfigured…
b.) Multiple Views. It’s the same as with the Toggle-Option, the Filters in the View would need to be reconfigured if the Setdesign/Idea changes.

As for me, the existing functionality simply lacks a search field for all fields. Why load the interface with unnecessary filters? Besides, don’t you think it would be less convenient to reconfigure a whole set of filters every time?

I’m not saying that the idea is definitely bad, but there are some doubts about the convenience…

@turquiseblue I think I get your request, but to be sure I want to propose (hopefully) the same in different words. My suggestion is based on inline Sets that are yet to be developed/released, so this is purely speculative! Let me know how I did :wink:

“I want to be able to have an inline filtered view of objects without the clutter of a Set”

My request would therefore be:
Add an option (toggle?) for inline sets to have a “simplified” view where an existing inline Set is collapsed to only show the objects that would normally be visible within the “full” Set view. This should respect all the Set’s settings like View (gallery, list, etc.), Filters, Sorting, Grouping.
To edit the view of the simplified you would toggle back to “full inline Set” and edit your Set like you would normally do.

Edit: after reading the topic again, I think I didn’t do a great job :stuck_out_tongue: . I think @Blackhard did a much better job by simplifying the request to ask for a search field to search/filter on all columns within the Set.