Filter Not Cleared on Exit

Describe the bug
When creating a filter to narrow a set, the filter does not clear upon navigating away and/or on close of the application.

To Reproduce
I was using a filter in the default Everything set. I will list out my steps below but this applies to any filter type in any set.

  1. I created multiple pages with a set tag.
  2. I went to the Everything Set and updated the view to see any tags associated.
  3. I then went to filters and set up a filter for everything with the specific Tag I just created.
  4. The Set data changes and correctly reflects the filter.

Navigation out of the set does not reset the Set view to its default.
Navigation out of the application (close) does not reset the set view to its default
Filters are still applied on the Set view

This is additionally propagated to the Android app and works the same way.

Expected behavior
Expected behavior would be to clear the filter to the Set view default upon navigating out of the set and/or application close.

System Information:
OS version: win32 x64 10.0.19044
App version: 0.31.54
Build number: build on 2023-05-25 14:54:07 +0000 UTC from at #5cc1ac028143754f1e011c7fe28de9d3127fb748(v0.26.2)
Library version: v0.26.2
Analytics ID: AAb3CnvsiL23WvBh5o1b6BBgzuudiVtAbWNHuBaddtcUwQsX

Android App: 0.22-rc1-beta
Build Number: 2200

Additional context
May be related to the following Bug but created this due to other specifics not included in this bug here

User flow and expectation would assume by navigating out or closing the application would set a filter or specific view to its default for the next time it is accessed. Not doing so would leave data out of the view upon a re-entry into the set potentially creating a false alarm on missing data. Maybe even creating a UI button to clear filters with some sort of coloring to indicate a filter is applied outside of the default would be a possible solution.

Filters are not intended to be temporary, and are not intended to be cleared when navigating away from the set. A Search option might fit better to be temporary:

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@sambouwer I understand the importance of the filters when it comes to new/custom views. But this has its flaws with the All view in sets.

My inquiry was related to sets with an “All” or “Everything” view in a set. That All view allows users to directly filter what they need instead. All objects can have its own content and mappings to other objects and relations. A search function would likely search visible data in the Set view instead of a specific relation or content within the objects itself that are visible to the Set.

As it relates to the All view of Sets, a filter on the All view imo would be better suited for this direct query on Everything and work better, with less resources then a potential search function. This would be an option only applied to the All view of a Set and leave the custom views as they are.

A very simple way without getting to deep into it would be a button only available to the All view of sets that would clear the filter to its default to show all objects. This button can be a set color/style and if the filters fall outside of the scope of the default filter for the All view, the button color or style will change allowing a user to easily tell if additional filters are applied or not. This would allow users to query specifically what they are looking for directly without searching everything for every possible object and relation there is. Additionally, this will also prevent the user from creating a view that would serve only as a temporary view for that specific purpose.

I believe this would be better visually and for users overall workflow and organization within the application. Thoughts?

There is nothing special about the “All” view. It’s just a custom view like any other that is just created by default.

You could easily implement something similar to what you’re describing in the last paragraph with the feature found in the linked post above.

Thanks for the clarification. As @Filip mentioned, the default All or Everything Views are not different from any other (custom) View with or without filters. I agree there should be an easy way to quickly and temporarily search within a set, and I think there are many ways this can be tackled. Each option or alternative you can think of should be described in its own feature request, or you can add your thoughts to an existing feature request if they are similar.

One way I would like this to be solved is to allow users to limit the search scope of CTRL+S to search within a Set, for example by activating search with a key combo like CTRL+SHIFT/ALT+S instead of CTRL+S. This is also how OneNote works with (in my opinion) very good search functionality" CTRL+F for “local” search on the page, and CTRL+E for searching “everything”.

I agree with the potential solution @Filip provided along with your suggestions @sambouwer. I agree something should be done to make the overall functionality of filters and/or adding a searching feature. It would be ideal for user flow, and ease of use, while adding a robust feature that would enhance the AnyType app and the user’s understanding of that particular feature.

I will create a feature request with this information and link the proper articles for visibility.

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Awesome! I will close this topic and I’m looking forward to your Feature Request.

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