Filter by today (not todays date)

So i have dates in my event objects and want to have a set for future events.

I go to filter in the view and filter all events where start date is after today.

This works, today. But tomorrow not anymore.

Because the filter is always a fixed day, not really the thing we call today, which is the moving target of the ever evolving moment we live in.

Would be handy and nice. But we’re in alpha, i understand.


Just want to link to this request that contains a similar (sub)request:

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Relative dates are already on the roadmap although there is no ETA as of now.

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This should be implemented in the latest release (0.26.0). Could you give it a try?

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Very very nice.
Might even start using this for tasks now that that works.

I’m on linux and auto update on the app is not working. Would be nice if were in the fedora dnf repo, or at least a flatpack.

So how do you close or mark as resolved?

I completely missed this one, but the topic is marked as solved, so all good!

Regarding your point about auto-update on Linux: see the end of this topic:

I am not seeing this work on Android (0.5.1) though, i mean the relative filter options are not available.
It works on linux but on android the filter says exact day 1.1.1970

Could you update to the latest Android version? I’m not sure whether this is implemented on Android already…

Weird, i thought i was on the latest, until i uninstalled and installed. Now 0.82
Options for relative dates not in the filter menu.

Relative dates set on desktop( ie one day ago) come out as 1.1.70 on android.
Slightly :disappointed: