Few doubts about Anytype

I am a complete noob when it comes to encryption and file systems, I’ve started out learning about these things only recently as I’ve been experimenting and setting up my own home lab. So please bare with me.

  1. Where are my private keys??
    Going through the anytype docs i came across the fact that local data in anytype is not encrypted and encryption comes into play only during the syncing process, also that the private key is used to generate a key phrase and unique id for the anytype account. But where can i find this pvt key of mine which is generated locally and not sent to the anytype server.

  2. Will users be allowed to create and use our own pvt key?
    In the future will users be able to create their own pvt key.

  3. IPFS?
    if i understand correctly IPFS is decentralized storage of data, which means files are separated and different parts are stored in different devices, how far does this network of different devices reach?? will it be only stored across my devices (i.e devices that i’m logged into) or will it extend to other users devices. Or is it that only published data is stored in IPFS.

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Hi and welcome to the community.
Your private key is basically your login phrase (I’m not sure about this, maybe some dev can answer to your first two points better) and Anytype uses IPFS technology but this does not mean that your data is stored on the IPFS network.

(Forgive my quick/shallow reply, please feel free to ask for more details)

Hi @gouthamkumaran thanks for your inquiry.

Your can locate your Recovery Phrase by navigating to:

  • Settings>Account & Data>Recovery Phrase
  • Click show and copy phrase
  • Store it/write down somewhere safe

This is standard for all encrypted apps, encryption matters most when sending data across the internet. You can encrypt your own hard drives or folders; Windows (EFS / NTFS) and Mac (FileVault / APFS) do it natively. If your computer is compromised, then it’s compromised regardless of what apps are installed there.

As is the same with crypto-wallets, the encrypted login is generated by your computer, not by Anytype, so only you have access to it. It will be possible to change it to a new one in the future, for example if someone discovers your current phrase, but not sure about customizable crypto-phrases. We’ve discussed it before but there may be some technical liability regarding that, will update when I know more

It extends only to your devices and our encrypted backup node (in case your device fails for example). Your data is neither accessible nor stored on anyone else’s devices.

When we release collaboration, electively shared documents will work something like this in shared private spaces or public spaces, although it may not be the case that we will use IPFS to execute the functionality.

Hope that clarified some things for you :mag_right: :page_facing_up: