Fell a little worried about the progress, Since too many BUGs

I have no idea how difficult to make a software, and anytype is very close to the Beta release.
:sweat_smile: but every time I try to use it, I can find some new BUGs

Is this normal in software development?

It varies a lot. The Anytype team are attempting some things that haven’t been done before, so it’s not surprising there are bugs.

Please also remember, a beta is not the released product - it’s a version for testing. In moving from alpha to beta, the team are making the test version more widely available.

Please report your bugs here, so the team can add them to the list of things needing attention. From the team’s point of view, the more bugs you find the better. Not so great from your point of view, of course :unamused: but we all signed up as testers, so I guess we expect to find things not working.

If you’re having serious problems and can’t find ways around them, it would be reasonable to step back from Anytype for a while. You can come back when things work better for you.

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Yes very normal.
Although I know that this is normal in any software project, I don’t like how the devs are managing it right now.

We are so close to the public release yet they are still delaying opening the code.
I mean this single move will speed things up dramatically.In terms of bug fixes and feature requests.

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The code will be released with the public beta. There aren’t really any delays when it comes to that. That was always the goal.

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The public beta itself is delayed.

Actually all the issues on github that should have been in Q2 are not done.
I know why is this. I am in nightly testing.
But I just wish they speed things up regarding API and open source code.

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Our current target for Community release on all platforms is middle of June :computer::calling:

  1. It’s a delay of around two weeks. Nothing serious.
  2. Q2 is not over yet. All of the GIthub issues will probably be done by the end of it.

Thanks for your kind explanation.
I’m a game developer, not a soft ware developer. I have no idea if it normal to be this.
I like this app, and I report bug every time when I encounter one

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