Feedback after a while of use

Note: I’m a notion user.

  • The terminology is very unfriendly like Object, i’m an IT guy and couldn’t grasp it at first so i thought why complicate things when they can be simple?


  • Very non intuitive for a Notion user : for instance the board is all blank so the most logical UX would be to put hover effect over everything but in anytype at first i didn’t know where to start writing because there was no hover indicators.

  • Writing blocks automatically get separated when i return to line while writing paragraphs which makes it not easy to copy / paste later.

The UI/UX in the main screen (Graph)

  • UI feels technical rather than personal/home which is the feeling i was promised when i first got introduced to the app as far as i remember.
  • UX is counter intuitive, when i first saw the flow i thought of selecting a group and deleting it since the app starts with showing you all the stuff you could do with it but i had to remove them one by one to start my journey with the app.