Feedback after 6 months of usage (of the App, the community page & Anytype Docs)

Hi, I have been using Anytype for more than 6 months. It happened a lot during this time so I will share my thoughts here. I am using Anytype on MacOS.

1. Anytype App

The good :white_check_mark:
Inline sets :smiley: :star_struck:
spellcheck :smiley:
set layout width :smiley:
and so much more … :smiley:

Suggestions / wishes (sorted by descending priority) :question:

1. Sets:

  1. more views in sets (Timeline/Gantt & Calendar from Notion) - for efficient task management

  2. Style of grid view
    Possibility to adjust the font thickness, visibility of rows & column lines and cell hight
    Because right now not lot of data can be displayed in grid view

  3. formulas in sets for calculation (same as in Notion)

2. Custom storage location & Allow self-hosting (are already on the roadmap :heart_eyes:)
3. Diagrams possible (CODA app as example)
4. Tables with unequal number of columns (merging/splitting of cels)
5. LaTex Font size changeable
6. Order in Sidebar of Sets / Favourites etc. changeable
7. Split View on Macbook possible
8. Table of content lights up at current position in the table
9. Writing Styles: more different writing styles (Notion has 3 Styles)

2. Anytype Docs

  • Helpful webpage with good videos. :white_check_mark:

  • It isn’t up to date. :warning: :x:
    Updates have already changed parts of the tutorial. (ex: relations are deletable)
    This is in my opinion precarious. It creates confusion and more work (Q&A), which is preventable by keeping it up to date.

3. Anytype Community

  • Communication for updates is way better (with a new update comes a mail & the what’s new page). :white_check_mark:
  • Finally the Kanban board with the current roadmap is here (I suggested this 6 months ago…). Thank you very much. It allows a quick & easy overview of what is coming. :white_check_mark:

  • Feature Requests & Bug Reports aren’t structured well. :warning: :x:
    In my opinion reports & requests should go (by filling out a form/template) directly to the team (or a person/admin who sorts them out). So they can create a topic and bundle all further reports/requests with the same content so therefore won’t be multiple.
    The community would be able to overview and engage (upvote) the requests/repots a lot easier and no one has to search through all the topics. Right now it’s a little bit of a mess (ex: Gantt / timeline view exists 3x).
    This is the reason why I honestly don’t engage with this sections.

As always I will:

  • cheer for every new update and test it immediately :partying_face: :nerd_face: (if you need a tester I am available)
  • honestly fill out any feedback questionnaire you send me :innocent:
  • hope for the best - I am rooting for the Anytype team :muscle:t3: :muscle:t3: :muscle:t3:

It is really inspiring to hear such a feedback @AnyChris. I will share it with a team on upcoming sprint overview call to encourage everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think most of us agree. However since this is the current system, would be great if you could vote on the existing feature requests that you agree with (or add if not existing).

There are some duplicates, but mostly mods do a good job consolidating and cleaning this up.


Thanks for the wide array of feedback @AnyChris,

To clear up some non-product points:

We wanted to do this since 2021… :joy:

We attempted to implement a UI Template plugin some time ago but it caused other problems on the forum. It’s on the agenda though, so we’ll deliver a better solution asap. Until then, this is what we have. I agree it’s unenticing but easy to overcome, and for better or worse, it works.

This really isn’t much of an issue, because we check every report before it gets sent to the relevant team. If we find duplicates, we either merge it with an existing one or close it. That’s why you can see multiple reports under a single Topic.

Again, they do, you just can’t see it. Everything on the forum is integrated to the internal issue tracker of the relevant team via tags that only mods and staff members can see and apply.

This is a WIP, so stay tuned.

Great, perhaps you’re interested in joining our Nightly Ops program?

Nightly Ops is a select group of expert Anytypers working closely with our Dev Team for testing and reporting bugs in our exclusive “Nightly Versions”. Testers in this group have the opportunity to try the latest features and updates before they’re officially released, which helps us to ship a more stable app with fewer bugs."

We’d be stoked to have you, just shoot me a DM if you want to join! :ninja::waning_crescent_moon:


If I correctly understand, Night Ops write bug reports anywhere else (like hidden forum topic) & alpha tester’s can’t see these reports?

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Correct. They use a subcategory here in the forum. But it works the same way as with the “normal” bug reports.

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