Favourites sidebar not showing all starred sets or objects

On the desktop app, the favourites side bar is kinda bugged, there are some of the sets i have added into favourite and sometimes i just cant see them in the sidebar favourite section, i have to scroll down to sets to view it, also in the android app, the favourites home screen always pops up notes set into my favourites even though i dont have it in favourites!

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How many favorites do you have? I know there is a limit in the sidebar regarding the favorites.

I have 9 and 1 doesn’t show up

Hey @Ishaan
Still the same on 0.27.0?

@Flip I sometimes experience this, too.

Update: actually also right now:

A Set called “To Do & Order” is in my favorites:


But NOT visible in the sidebar


When opening the Set, it shows in the menu that I can add it to my favorites (even though it is already there)

If I click that option, nothing happens. The menu option stays the same, the Set is still not visible in the sidebar.


Yes its the same still!

Even the sets arent showing all the sets now, and favourites is definitely missing out on many starred objects & sets! @Razor @ignatovv please update us on this matter…

It is a known issue with high priority. It will be fixed in the September release hopefully :pray:
Also tag Acknowledged signifies it is on track by the team.

Oh okay didnt notice the acknowledged tag :sweat_smile: thank you for the update!