Favorites sync delay

Describe the bug
When I create a new page on desktop and add it to my favorite. My android can sync but there is only a blank.

Conversely, when I create a new page on android and add it to my favorite, there is also a blank on the desktop.

I have to reload the app to see the new page. Maybe it’s a small bug, but it makes me feel uncomfortable.

To Reproduce

Follow the description above

Expected behavior
the new favorites should be shown without reloading the app.

System Information:

  • Desktop: ZorinOS 16. anytype 0.25.4
  • Android: RedMi K20, Android 11, anytype 0.6.0
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Hi Jerry, yes, this problem is sometimes present. We’re working on it. I suggest using the latest versions of the application, if there is still a problem, please write, and we will look for a solution, thank you.

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