Favorites and collections don't sync on iOS


Favorites and Collection widgets didn’t synced after installing the IOS 0.22.2 version


  1. Install the new IOS app
  2. Wait for sync


IOS syncing my exact MacOS left widgets navigation


  • Device:
    Macbook Pro m2
    iPhone 12 Pro
  • OS:
    Ventura 13.3
    IOS 16.4.1
  • Anytype Version:
    Version: 0.31.48
    IOS 0.22.0


Other widgets seems to sync correctly

I would like to add some observations to this: I had the problem that my 3 widgets from Mac (Favorites, Sets, Recents - all of them of Compact List appearance) did not sync to iOS. Probably because the compact list appearence was freshly added to desktop but isn’t implemented on iOS yet ?! :eyes:

Out of confusion I recreated the widgets on iOS but now with the normal List style. This did not work well because I had to reopen the app to make the newly added widgets visable. Because the moment i finalized the widget type, no new widget showed up on homescreen. Closing the app and reopening then makes the widget appear correctly.

The first problem I described had the effect that on Desktop I now had 6 widgets instead of the 3 I wanted. On iOS it just looks fine because the 3 previous widgets still dont show up because the type is unsupported. For me it would be pretty crucial to also be able to use the compact list appearence on iOS.

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You right @jannis , thanks for the workaround.

The widget added and synced in list view will indeed disappears on mobile If I change it in compact list view on desktop. It comes back if I return to normal list.

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Same issue. There seems to be a problem with the synchronized version. Objects that are already in the bin can still appear on widgets. When I emptied the bin on my computer, these objects also disappeared from the ios widget.

This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be implemented in an upcoming release.

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