Expose/Mission control for notes

I was using the navigation window and it’s pretty nice but as I was using it I realized a much better approach, or at least different approach could be very useful to some people

What if we made an expose/mission control view??


Could use the current focused object as the parent and then use any child objects (aside from the cover images and stuff, so user made object connections) and showing those notes as a full preview.

Say the user taps cmd/ctrl+e. It could show the current page and any pages that are children/linked to from the current page. the user could also type and it would automatically do some fuzzy search to only show related objects.

There could also be a global version that shows everything, but I think that would be cluttered, so instead of that, maybe only show top level user made objects/notes.

I think there a few potential ways to make this, but the most obvious and simple one would be to show the mission control of any of the attached or child or linked to objects from the currently focused object.

Maybe from there the user could “navigate” up one level to the parent of the current object if it has one, and if not, it would show something similar to the graph view but with full previews - just like mac or windows do for open windows.

Or it could work similarly to the way the ctrl+o menu currently works, but instead of showing it like that, it would show full previews of the objects instead of what it currently shows.

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