Export space as I did not save my recovery phase

I have been using MAC desktop version. I have installed also to my IPAD and in the login process I have realized that I didn’t save my recovery phase and unfortunately I do not remember. I will try a solution; but I want to be sure that I wont lose any data. I would be very grateful if you could help me. My plan is below; can this steps solve my problem without losing any data of my space?

  • Export data from my desktop.
  • Setup a new account and save recovery phase
  • import my exported desktop
  • log in to ipad with recovery phase and access to my space from both MAC and iPAD.

Can you access your account anywhere? Are you still logged in on desktop, for instance?

Yes i have copied form the logged in version but I think this interface must be more accessible in terms of user experience. Thanks for your help.

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