Export Contacts from Mac/iCloud and import as Humans


My Contacts main list sits now in the Contacts app of my Apple devices. They are synchronized on iCloud.

My goal is to export all data and import as Humans, ideally with relations like Phone or Email already filled.

Does anyone know if this is already possible? Later for sure using the upcoming API :champagne:


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probably not in a “simple” way right now.

how to do it:

  1. You export a csv and build a md shortcut.
  2. run the script on your csv
  3. import md

I will wait till the api is ready :slight_smile:

I’d absolutely love a plugin that imports my .CSV contact list (my use case is generated by Google) as Human-type objects in Anytype

Me too … but not the time yet

I thought the API is out, so it should be easy enough.

Simply create a new object for every row, assign type as Human, create a new Relation for every column and use the data to populate it.

The two things to figure out are where&how objects are stored and what formatting details Anytype likes for objects. It doesn’t even need to be a plugin, a simple script would do. (Though, of course, it would be nice to see it integrated.)

On that note, I saw the other day a new piece of software called Dex that does exactly what brought me over to Anytype. Except that it’s a cloud-based software-as-a-service, so it both costs a hefty monthly subscription and will go offline once the startup company fails in a couple of years.

Once Anytype finally gets a functioning calendar (& the ability to set reminders+notifications) then making it into a personal CRM will be super easy. That, however, is trickier than a script turning .CSV rows into objects…


the API is not public yet.

and you are right, a proper plugin that syncs is far better than a “script”. But we need to wait for that.