Expanding summary report to more than one line

I created a set. The set is a summary of notes. One note is a field. After taking notes there are many lines. How do I get the notes to all show in the summary report instead of only the first line of the notes I took? thanks

Hi @edferrigan, as mentioned in another topic, Relations are most likely not intended for such a long text. However, there are Feature Requests that have a similar idea as what you describe:

Question: Then is there solution to allow me to link to lets say a template I filled out and then go backwards after a search? Right now that is not working for me either unless my object within the post is not defined correctly. I posted an example of this earlier today. I need my research to be easily accessible and it would seem that a regular search for an object or a Set is where I would focus that to happen.

Can you describe this in more detail, with print screens of your current steps if possible?

This will explain what is happening