Existing tags not being suggested when adding tags

When adding a tag, at first it suggests all existing tags. Once one tag is added, no more tags are suggested (not even tags used in other objects of same Type).


@qualquertipo I cannot reproduce this on Anytype for Windows 0.25.0.

Could you elaborate a bit on how you get this error (or make a recording :slight_smile: ).

True! I just tried to make it happen again and couldn’t. Maybe I made a mistake when testing. Sorry for that.

Though the behaviour is still unclear to me. If I create a new Article type Object, and add the tags Apple and Orange, shouldn’t these tags be suggested at the very top when adding tags in a new Article Object? Currently they show under “Everywhere” instead.

@qualquertipo thanks for your confirmation (and sorry for the very late reply). I feel the same about the Tag behavior: it is not clear how this works or is supposed to work.

I’m gathering a list of topics that showcase all bugs with tags to get a clear(er) picture of what is currently not working. I’ll also try to get some clarity on what the intended way of working is for tags (how and where to add, what things to keep in mind)


See here:


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