Existing tags not being suggested when adding a new tag

If I add certain tags to a relation in Object A, I expect them to be suggested when I click to add tags to the same relation in Object B of the same set.

This isn’t happening:

Version: Anytype 0.20.9


@qualquertipo Can you click “Add Options” and check if the tag is getting listed in the Elsewhere section of the pop-up?

@lynxlove Ha. It actually shows under “In this object” when I click + Add options

Ok, so I guess I misunderstood what “Select an option or add one” (in the dropdown) means.

I thought “select an option” meant “select a tag to add”, but it actually means “select a tag to edit”.

To me that’s unintuitive. I’d expect tags used by other objects to be suggested directly in the first dropdown…

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@lynxlove Thank you for clarification for @qualquertipo ))

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I’m with @qualquertipo here. “Add options…” - “In this objects” should be already in the first dropdown - at least in a set it should show the values of this set there already. The extra-step through “Add option” seems so unnecessary. But i guess its not that easy :slight_smile:

But the extra-step kinda understandable.

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@qualquertipo @natrius
What do you think about the new way tags are added?

It’s nice but I found a couple of bugs which I reported.

Thats good :+1:
Does the new way fulfill the request you made in this topic.
If not, please elaborate why.

After a quick check yesterday it seems like its working like i expect something like that. Have to test it more. :slight_smile:

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@qualquertipo Is this still relevant?

Am away from my computer for a few weeks… Will check once I’m back!

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I just had a look. Yeah, seems that my original post is irrelevant now. So feel free to close it!

If I encounter some other problem related to that I’ll create a new post.


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