Excessive consumption of disk space?

there is a bit of data in “anytype” about 10 megabytes of media data
its directory occupies about 800 megabytes

779M	./ipfslite_v3
69M	./localstore
48K	./collection/eventstore
48K	./collection
4,4M	./fts/1/store
4,5M	./fts/1
4,5M	./fts
852M	.

is this a normal situation or should I worry?

Hi! This folder contains everything in your account, so it depends on the number of Objects, the number and size of files you have uploaded into Objects, and the number of changes you have made (as Anytype currently keeps the entire history of every Object forever), so this can grow quite rapidly.

Edit: my data folder is 3.6GB, so <1GB seems perfectly normal.

I watched the ipfslite_v3 directory, it really has a floating size. Now its size has been reduced to 200Mb, its growth is under control. Thanks.

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