Excellent first impression! I'm learning and building on Anytype little by little

I use Anytype Desktop on Linux and Mobile on Android. I know that there are similar tools to Anytype, but for me, even before being in the Alpha group, the main difference maker was the promise for privacy through the technology that is being used in the project, as well as what is stated in the vision statement. From a marketing perspective I think that that is Anytype’s USP :slight_smile:

My first experience was on Android (as I couldn’t wait to get to my desk to install it on Desktop :wink:) and as a new user:

  • It was a bit confusing to understand the elements involved (e.g. links vs relations vs mentions) or the layout itself (e.g. Why do I always land on a Favorites area instead of in a “home page”. I don’t have any favorites yet) or general concepts (e.g. How do I create a “database”? When one does not create “databases”, but instead they are created as the same type of objects are associated together, right?)
  • Understandably, there are not-yet-released features (e.g. Library, Templates, etc) on Android, as it is an Alpha version, but getting this as the first experience can be a little confusing. I wonder if, as a suggestion, you could propose to all Alpha users to start with the Desktop app first, and only after that start exploring the mobile one.

After Android, I installed it in 2 Linux PCs and have been playing around in the three devices since. The experience so far is really good, and I am excited to see all the potential developed. Most of my impressions are very positive (So a huge congrats for the work so far!), but I think it’s more helpful for the team if I detail what has not been so straightforward while using the app:

  • Some times I have gotten some syncing warnings about the App not being connected or Not Syncing. I have tried to observe what’s the logic of this, because at some point I thought it was the VPN what was interfering, but later I saw syncing happening with the VPN enabled, so I don’t have precise observations for when this happens and when it doesn’t.
  • I found it a bit cumbersome that in order to delete an object you need to go inside that object. It would be great to be able to select it in the set view and delete it/them from there.
  • In order to increase retention of users that are new to this kind of apps/platforms, I think it would be very beneficial to have some learning materials with different levels of complexity (e.g. “Getting Started” vs “Harnessing Anytype’s Power and Flexibility”). I definitely see how, as Anytype is evolving constantly it would require a lot of recreating these learning materials, but maybe going to a bare minimum (@endac feature’s video is really good, but maybe it would be even better if there were a set of microlearning videos (2-3mins max) like: 1. Basic concepts: Objects, Sets, Relations and… 2. Navigate your App… 3… etc). Some of them would be quite stable (i.e. no rerecording needed even if there were updates) as they would be more conceptual than demos, and I think that an approach like that could help users to self train easily (The Anytype docs help pages are really good too, maybe signposting their landing page in the Onboarding email would help too). If there are any collaboration opportunities on the documentation and user training areas, let me know, as I’d be glad to participate in the project (I’m a Tech L&D Adviser working for a Public organisation).

Thanks for including me in the Alpha group, and for all the work that you all have put into Anytype. I will be using this app for quite a while!!! :slight_smile:


Super suggestions @Diego. Thanks a bunch for sharing your experience here. Detailed feedback like yours is imperative to bring Anytype to it’s fullest potential. Please feel free to contribute to the “Feature Requests” and “Bug Reports” if you come across anything finicky. Hope to see you soon!

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