Excalidraw plugin

Obsidian has a plugin - https://excalidraw.com/

Drawing / whiteboard - note taking drawing - application


Good idea! Even though it’s not pratical to create whiteboards on my laptop, if I had a touchscreen setup, it would be a nice feature to have. Excalidraw wouldn’t be that hard since it’s open source and, as Obsidian demonstrates, would work in an Electron app like Anytype. This would probably be an idea for a plugin to be created later on.


hi, excalidraw is a great tool but what make it very incredible is the integration plugin with Obsidian (Obsidian Excalidraw Plugin. The developer, Zsolt Viczián, is doing a great job both in terms of programming and in terms of dissemination / documentation. Would be great if excalidraw integration with anytype will be similar to the obsidian excalidraw plugin and not a simple integration of the excalidraw official tool.


Hi i use obsidian for studying and i use and plugin that work with exalidraw and its very usefull for drawing and many much other things that can e usefull in many situation if we can add it ?

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