Every new "Type" I create has stuck/locked default Relations

Describe the bug
Every new Type I create has two stuck Relations “Story” and “Tag”.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Add a new type from any screen.

Expected behavior
A new type should have no default relations afaik.

System Information:
Win 10 Pro 21H2
Anytype 0.23.5

Additional context
Here is a screenshot of the new type screen, show the stuck/default Relations.

Note that when I click the Relations they have a padlock symbol at the top. I assume this means they cannot be removed, much like the Anytype built-in relations & objects. If I click the delete button, nothing happens.

I am fairly certain this wasn’t a problem when I first started using Anytype. I have imported data from Notion and I have also created a couple of custom types & relations for my own use. I’m not sure exactly at which stage the problem started occurring on new types. If there is anything else I can offer from my specific environment that may help troubleshoot this bug I am happy to provide any info I can.

@Wilberforce please, make tree diagnostic and sent me file that you will get
Снимок экрана 2022-01-18 в 16.20.48

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Hey @Kirill_Lem , I have sent you the tree diag file via DM. let me know if you need anything else from me.

@Wilberforce Is this bug still there for youin 0.25.0?

Yes. If I create a new type it’s still getting two default relations of “story” and “tag”. If I try to delete either of those relations nothing happens, no error message.
Both appear with a padlock in the right click context menu.

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@Wilberforce Hi! I can’t reproduce it in latest internal version

When this version will be released (around 01.08), please check it again

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I have just tested this again in Anytype 0.26.1 and still getting the same issue.
Newly created type gets two default relations that are “locked” (pad lock icon?).
Delete button does nothing and presents no error message.
screenshots as follows.


OS is Windows 11 Pro 22000.856

Just as I posted my last response, Anytype application prompted me to update to 0.27.0

For completeness the issue is still occurring for me in 0.27.0, again screenshots as follows from 0.27.0


Still unable to delete the “padlocked” relations.

@Wilberforce Could you check if this was fixed in 0.28.0?

still a problem for me in 0.28.0 on Windows.
both relations are padlocked, delete button does nothing.

Either that or something wrong in my data set/account specific to me. I can’t think of anything out of the ordinary I did to break it aside from importing from notion. I’m fairly certain it was fine immediately after notion import as I played around with the sets/types/relations a bit after that.

Have not really been using anytype since this issue occured tbh. I had been tempted to request a data reset but I’m not sure if that would help the anytype team with troubleshooting a potential bug by just wiping the data. Any thoughts on starting over?

Otherwise let me know if there is anything further I can do to assist troubleshooting.

@Wilberforce you can request a new account by sending an email to [email protected] while keeping the old account around for troubleshooting. Would that help? As long as you keep both passphrases safe, you can eventually delete the old account yourself via the app.

I do suspect that this is related to your account as no one seems to be able to reproduce this.

@mordan what could be shared from this account (Anytype Id, logs, etc.) that could help the team identify the issue? Is that worth the effort seeing no one else can reproduce? Might still be useful as this could have been caused by a Notion import.

I contacted support and got a fresh account.
I can still access the old account with the passphrase so I’m happy to switch back to that account to perform any testing etc as needed for this particular issue as required.


Closing as no one could reproduce and a new account resolved the issue.