Evernote, Notion, Joplin, Anytype First impression

  1. Evernote
    • has a perfect search engine.
    • Even it can search text inside images (OCR).
    • Simple User interface
    • No Privacy
    • Offline access is paid
  2. Notion
    • very productive
    • fantastic database feature
    • No privacy
    • No offline access
  3. Joplin
    • it is the most secure note taking app
    • The only app that can mix right-to-left languages along with left-to-right in a single line on both PC and android version.
    • Very limited UI
    • Tables in markdown is horrible (very confusing)
  4. Anytype
    • Nice UI
    • As secure as Joplin, but syncs faster (too much faster)
    • Anything you click is moved to the top of the list (very confusing)
    • No tables at all (very shocking)
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Thanks for summarising the best features of each of these apps!

It might be obvious, but I think it is important to note that Anytype is the only one in this list that is in alpha stage (not beta, not yet released to the public), so many features are still to be improved or developed at all.