Even if the data is deleted, it is revived like a zombie

Describe the bug

☞ Even when synchronization is completed, existing data continue to revive when the program is reinstalled.
☞ Windows and Android show the same symptoms.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. There’s data. (screenshot number ①)
  2. Delete the data
  3. No data (screenshot number ②)
  4. Check the completion of sync
  5. Reinstall and login.
  6. Deleted data survives again (same as screenshot number ①)

Expected behavior
If synchronization is completed, data should not be revived.

System Information:

  • OS: Windows 8.1 / Android 9
  • Anytype Version: Desktop 0.22.3 / Android 0.4.4


This “Notes Set” reappears for me on each reinstall as well ever since the Notes layout update and I don’t remember ever creating it

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As for the Notes set, I recall that it was there since initially setting up Anytype. Likely it’s one of the default sets? Back then, it was called the Drafts set, but it seems to have changed to the Notes set as the corresponding functionality was released.

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Thanks for your comments. :grinning:
Even so, I think the last state the user synced should be the latest state. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Memory Hi! Sorry for long wait. It has been added to the bug tracker


Thanks for your comments. :grinning: I’ll be waiting with joy.

I have the same problem too,
after an update on android some old data get’s revived. The creation date of my user on android tells: 07 August 2021 and on desktop: 05 August 2021
It’s like I have a different data set on my phone, than on my desktop, although synching says everything is fine

We are working on this problem and it will be fixed in next release.
If error will exist after release, please open a new bug report :heart_hands: