Even encrypted app can be hacked?

Not a techy person so not sure if this is real, but this seem worrying that Signal is also unsafe… The importance of sovereignty is real. Anytype and self-hosting is the way to go. May we need Anychat too?

Comment is saying it is possible to see messages with cell phone backdoor before encryption, is this true? If so, Anytype might not be enough too, perhaps I need to turn off all network to one device to keep the inputting process isolated before encryption and self-hosting?

An app can be locked down tighter than Fort Knox but if your device is compromised…well, then it’s compromised, and encryption can’t save you.

Anyway, there was nothing said here than can be corroborated whatsoever. Tucker is a verifiable liar and professional propagandist, so to me this sounds (at best) like fear-mongering about the Biden administration. These guys don’t exactly come across as intellectual giants, just listen to how they romanticize Putin and Kim Jong-Un… :neutral_face:

You’d think if Tucker actually gave a rats rump about privacy or over-reaching institutions, he’d have something to say about his hero George Bush, Jr. passing the Patriot Acts 1 & 2 back in the day. That’s when any shred of privacy we ever had went down the toilet, and surveillance capitalism was given free reign to run amuck.


Everything a human can make, another human can break (or hack) is something I try to keep in mind. Meaning nothing is 100% safe and if you want, you can make anything sound unsafe!

This means I try to be mindful about what I do and place on the internet. For example I never go all-in with a new note-taking app (sorry Anytype haha :stuck_out_tongue: ) and just try it with general not important data (like a movie database or copy some existing notes from my main app).

I also try to keep backups and have files on synced on multiple devices (no sync is not a backup). Managing risk if anything goes wrong, you could lose your account by many ways (losing pasword, getting hacked, being deleted by the company or yourself, losing your device, etc).

On top of this, I try to see things in perspective.

While the cloud of big companies like Google or Microsoft have disadvantages like being a big target, they can potential read your data/notes, you could get deleted while doing nothing wrong, etc… they also have advantages like 24/7 security team, solid apps, probably won’t just go bankrupt and being in the news if something does go wrong (meaning you know it pretty fast).

Same with the cloud of small/new companies like Anytype, Upnote or Capacity. They have disadvantages like asmall team, have to prove their staying power, might go in a totally different direction or stop development, unclear privacy documentation, etc… but again also have advantages like being involved in the development as a user, seeing the progres that is being made first hand (giving a lot of faith in the product, thanks you for that Anytype :wink: ) being a strong niche app that focus on privacy or offline first, not a large target for hacks, etc.

And we can do the same about self hosting. It has disadvantages like doing everything yourself, including making backups, managing security, making errors or deleting your notes on accident, being hacked and not even know it, etc… and like the above have advantages like being a small target for hackers, privacy very high, being in control, etc.

So to recap, it is all about managing risk and seeing things in perspective in my honest opinion and never just trust a single source like that guy or this guy who’s post you just red. :wink:


This is exactly how the analyses and discussion should head towards. Being alert and still have trust in our hearts are both important. We can be vulnerable as well as powerful. No matter if a person is trustworthy or not, incidents reveals something and display a phenomenon; we can decide what we do about the world. Politics are human’s game after all and we human can easily enter our own complications with human nature :person_shrugging:.

Trust needs to be earned and maintained :saluting_face:. Encryption is a currently reliable thing but people still doubt WhatsApp (with encrypted messages) with its mother company being Facebook / Meta and thus move to other platforms.

These days simply regular usage pattern without specific user information can possibly indirectly reveal identity as well, like regular visits and travel thus accommodation. It is really important to keep understanding what we do about our information and what others are capable of, especially in the digital world.

Thanks for the reminders of having critical thinking. :brain:

PS. To be honest, I am not worried at all. Quick to listen and slow to react.