Error while upgrading from Anytype 0.31.00 to Anytype 0.31.51

Hi, I Recieved a mail regarding upgrading to Anytype 0.31.51. Before this i was using Anytype 0.31.00. After entering the recovery key, it asks for “Import Backup”. When i select the .zip file for importing backup, i get the following error -
Kindly Help.


I also met this problem,,,and dont know how to do

@leeharmony let’s hope someone will guide us what to do. @Angelo @sambouwer

haha, can you join the app with the invite code? I just Cant. and it said the invite code is invalid

I was able to create a new account by the invite code, but then i lose access to all my notes in the old account.

Hi you guys,

so you’re Alpha Types, who were using V.0.31.0?

The Alpha migration version for Community hasn’t been released yet, it isn’t possible to migrate from V0.31.0. Furthermore, the (Pre)Beta version hasn’t been released yet to Community.

It is coming in a couple weeks.

How did you acquire 0.31.51?

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Hi, I got a mail regarding the same on 1st June. After this, i am not able to use my account anywhere. even the 0.31.51 says that “No Account have been found” after entering the login key.

Migration isn’t possible in V.0.31.0

This function will come in V.0.32.0 around June 15th.

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