Error while account loading - handshake failed

Describe the bug

Trying to login on Android using either QR code or keychain phrase is faced with an error reading “Error while account loading - handshake failed” Please take a look at the screenshot below.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Open Anytype on desktop (mine is Linux) and login
    1. Go to Settings > Keychain phrase and click on QR
    1. Open Anytype on Android
    1. Login > Scan QR code
    1. See an error


Expected behavior

I would expect Anytype will open and sync with my content in my account.

System Information:

  • OS: Android 7
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Samsung S7 Edge
  • Anytype Version: 0.3.2

(hamburger menu at bottom of screen on mobile, “About Anytype” from “Anytype” menu on desktop) Since I can’t login to my anytype on Android, I couldn’t see the gear icon, so I looked at the apk file I used to install the app.

I searched the forum before posting and found [this](Login problems with Android, now Windows) but it’s not related to my issue.

Hey @bit,
do you still have problems with the latest version?