Error when pasting and viewing image


An inserted image only appears in the “images” Type after another is loaded.


  1. Take a picture of the desktop.
  2. Name this image “test image”.
  3. Create a new Page.
  4. Insert the image into this Page.
  5. Go to the library and visit the “Image” Type, scroll down the list and check that the newly inserted image is listed.
  6. The status of the backup appears as “Preparing”.
  7. Create another Page.
  8. Insert the same image on this new Page.
  9. Repeat steps 3-8 a few more times.
  10. Create a Set of Type “Image”.
  11. Check if the image is in Type “Image” or in Set of Type “Image”.


Desired result: the “test image” image appears in the “Image” Type section and in the newly created “Image” Type Set.

Actual result: the “test image” disappears from the “Image” Type list, only reappearing if another image goes through the process described above (only if a new image is inserted elsewhere in the application).


  • OS:
    Windows 10.

  • Anytype Version:
    Version: 0.30.0


I got this result after inserting, within a Page in the Anytype, the following image that shows a Page whose Type “Universidade” disappeared after a few days, leaving the word “Source” where my newly created Type should be.

I was also looking for a way to display the same image on different pages using the command “/link” + image name. What gets embedded is the name of the image instead of the image. I have also found no other way to use the same image on multiple pages than to drag the same image, as long as it has the same name, from within a Windows folder into the application.
It is a counter-intuitive and costly process, but it is the only way to reuse the same image on different pages, at least for now - within what I have found about the application.


The image file is not duplicated in the Anytype system, as long as the image (file) name remains the same.

However, using “/link” or any other command does not allow a preview of the image, as if it were dragged and dropped into the body of the page, even if it already exists in the database. I think the first behavior is expected as IPFS is adopted in the application, but the second behavior creates a bit of confusion while using the application.

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Thanks @holy, I added your report to our issue tracker.