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I have been having trouble opening the app on my Android phone for a few weeks now. At first, it would show me a “failure to load wallet” upon trying to open the app. After trying several times, sometimes more, it would finally open. I updated the app on my Android today and now I get “an error occurred while starting account” and it won’t open at all after trying over ten times. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, and it opened just fine at the log in screen. When I exited the app and tried to open it, again with the “an error occurred while starting account” and it will not open at all. I gave up and uninstalled it again.

Hi @Jennavive

Welcome to the Community, and thanks for reporting.

Can you please follow the all template instructions and provide your Device and Technical information? This is the only way our devs can investigate your particular situation.

This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

@Jennavive thanks for reporting. still having this issue?

Hello! As of today, I am still getting a sign in error!

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The release with the fix for 32-bit devices is now online, version v0.27.23. Please update, looking forward to your feedback.
This release does not fix the infinite loading, we are still working on fixing it.