Error sha512 checksum ont pre-release update


Update error on pre-release version
2023-06-27 09_18_46-Window


  • Version → check Pre-release
    2 update are downloaded (77.9MB and 203.0MB)
    … and error without any update applied.


Anytype Desktop 0.32.3


Good idea for people who don’t have enough time to really commit to being a nighly tester, but would still like to help out from time to time. So if it works out, thanks!

This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

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You should be able to fix this by manually downloading the latest version directly, but I will need to check whether I can share the direct download link…

@Razor what do you think? In-app switching does not work due to a known issue.

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I think it’s happening because updater somehow caches the file while it’s not being fully uploaded to CDN, this is happening while the release is building only. Unfortunately I do not have much control over this.

How much time it will take to fix this issue?

Same problem.
Will it cost a data loss, if I download the .exe file from and install it manually?

No, the data dir will remain and this is actually the only way atm to update to a new release (at least, for the pre-release version)

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Same issue here
Can somebody tell me exaclty where the download file is located?

I want to install the update manually and ignore checksum

It seems to be working since this morning, I was offered an update and it was installed without any problem (32.23-beta).

Just a shame not to know what to test in the pre-releases (out of curiosity and to find bugs) :wink:.

Edit : And it works both ways (yes, I’ve played with switching between “Public” and “Pre-release” versions several times).

This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be implemented in an upcoming release.