Error opening PDF on Android

It fails to open a PDF using the Android app. Using latest version 0.9.0.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open a note containing a PDF
  2. Try to open the PDF
  3. It shows an error.

Expected behavior
The PDF should be opened. On the iOS app it shows a preview, not sure if it should work as well on Android.

System Information:

  • OS: Android 11 (e/os)
  • Fairphone 4
  • Anytype Version: e.g. 0.9.0

Error displayed:

Issue was just opened on GitHub!


Probably related to Can’t open epub files.

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I think this bug and all others related to Anytype sending the Action View intent as http rather than a file URI should all be merged under one topic for simplicity sake. Improvements to sending view intent - applications don't open when trying to open a file. I’ll think about it and probably do it tomorrow.

Also, for some clarification, do you have any apps on your device that are registered to open PDF files, and if so, the names of the apps?

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2 posts were merged into an existing topic: Improvements to sending view intent - applications don’t open when trying to open a file

Thanks for the clarification. Just to make sure that the intent scheme of http is causing the issue, can you confirm that opening a PDF file from another application (from a local file) works correctly?

If you urgently need to use the file, you always can download it first and open it externally.

Downloading the files on mobile is unfortunately also not that easy. Add download option to the menu file type objects

edit: @mikelpz Adobe Reader was able to open pdf files just fine for me on Android. You can try it if you don’t have an open that can currently open pdf files.