Entries under Spaces should link backwards

I should be able to go back to any entry that is listed under the Spaces area. Seems basic.

Can I ask you to show how you added the “Object Type” column to the Set? I can’t seem to reproduce that part…

Hi @edferrigan Most of the fields are clickable and you can edit this colums relation. The one you click however are readonly this is why nothing happens when you click on it. Try to click on the field in Notes column

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@ignatovv is there a reason those read only columns are not clickable? I would expect in this example that clicking the Object type in the set would bring you to the same page as when you go to the Object type via the library

This one particularly is not implemented yet but the rest of locked columns is smth like creation date or file size.

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here is a video

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When I click on the fleeting notes column only the notes pop up. I am wanting to go back to the original atomic note where I entered it.

You should be able to just add the relation as normal, unless it’s not showing up for you.
Are you using an older account? I remember also not being able to add the object type relation in my older account. It just didn’t show up.

Now that Im getting used to the tool the approach I was taking may not reflect what I was able to achieve with a different approach. I will post another help video around this soon to clarify.