Enter the page by clicking the non text area of the page

When entering the page, you can only open the page by clicking the text area of the page. I suggest that we can also open the page in the non text area of the page.

I think a double click on the no-word area might be better, as I can foresee a couple of problems arising from making this behavior default.

A good example of this “click anywhere on the line” behavior being potentially problematic is if a user went to move a line and accidentally clicked into the page. I suspect that the click, to enter the page, is restricted to the “text area” to prevent accidental movement into the page when the user doesn’t want to.

@laurara I don’t think double clicking, an entirely new action in Anytype, should be introduced. As for this feature request, if you cannot move a line by dragging it after clicking and holding on an empty space in the line, it shouldn’t cause any problems. Though, I think that it is way tidier if only the stylized text is a link to a page and not the entire line.