"Enter" key should submit seed phrase

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

When first setting up Anytype using a keychain phrase to log in, pressing “Enter” doesn’t submit the input, but rather adds another line to the text, the user has to manually press the “Login” button. It’s slow and not ergonomical.

Describe the solution you’d like

After manually typing or pasting the keychain phrase, the user should be able to press “Enter” to continue or, alternatively “Ctrl+Enter” (Windows/Linux) or “Command+Enter” (macOS). The ability to add new lines to the text box should also be disabled seeing that there is no point in being able to add paragraphs in that particular text box.

This should also be considered when using an external keyboard in the iOS/iPadOS and Android apps, but I have not tested this behaviour there.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

  • Pressing “Enter” while on the text box.
  • Pressing “Ctrl + Enter” (on Windows) while on the text box.

Additional context

The reason for this implementation is that in the keychain passphrase, there is not a fixed character length of the passphrase, so it has to be made into a text field. Hence the use of the login button.

@div3xi Sure, but you will never need to add a paragraph to the passphrase, so there’s no issue in using the “Enter” key as a shortcut for submitting.

Some chat apps like Signal have this behaviour in their desktop apps… “Enter” sends the message and, in Signal, for instance, “Shift + Enter” adds a new line; in this case there isn’t even a need to implement line break shortcuts because, even though the seed phrases are variable length, there’s no line breaks in between the words, they get automatically wrapped to the text box.